A Focus on Efficiency
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Explosive Speed and Power

Another differentiating factor that separates it from traditional training courses is that the FASST/Dux Ryu system is of the belief that, while a predetermined combination of reflexive movements increases instinct and response time, it also sets limits on flexibility and adaptability and makes one predictable in real combat--vulnerable to attack in light of the fact that combat is always changing and will take on a life of its own due to environmental constrictions and a host of other variables. These variables cannot be anticipated in advance by those practiced responses/techniques that one is expected to utilize when threatened.

One of the first Secrets of Warriorship is as follows: "The effectiveness of an aggressor is chiefly determined by the aggressor's capability to predict one's responses and counter/engage those responses with devastating results." Hence, explosive speed and power take precedence over flowery fluidity or predictable, stylized form. Efficiency and ferocity--explosive speed and power--are the main components that dictate what is and is not useful by FASST/Dux Ryu standards and are the long established evidence proving that the Secrets of Warriorship are hard at work.

For example, where others who are prancing around wielding a blade will tend to slash, utilizing FAAST/Dux Ryu technology of the angles of evasion in relation to the angles of attack, one is enabled to thrust by vectoring in footwork to create the shortest distance and time to negate any attack as fast as possible by being the one delivering the first decisive fatal blow. Increasing endurance by expending less energy--explosive speed and efficiency of motion makes it viable for a FASST/Dux Ryu trainee to combat multiple attackers. The ability to respond and dispatch a lethal threat quickly enables the trainee to come to the aid of teammates or others in danger of being overpowered, injured, or killed.