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A New Methodology

That FASST/Dux Ryu is the compilation of the Secrets of Warriorship makes it particularly well suited to assisting the already trained martial artist or defensive tactics practitioner who is experiencing a lull or plateau in their performance and growth. With FASST/Dux Ryu's breakthrough technology, insights, and secrets, one does not have to throw away or abandon one's style or prior knowledge. Just the opposite holds true as all styles are connected by virtue of human biomechanics. The whole premise of FASST/Dux Ryu is based upon the integration and application of technology and education of laws and principles that better enable, fortify, and teach one to apply and integrate his prior experience and training in a superior manner that best compliments the practitioner's style.

"I've trained my whole life and thought I'd seen and practically done it all, from Judo/Jujitsu, Jeet Kun Do, Ninjutsu, Kung Fu, etc. The very first FASST/Dux Ryu seminar I took affected me and everyone I know who has ever attended--dramatically. As the Dux system is as he says, not theoretical but empirical, comprised of real combat tested and proven tactics with scientific reproducible results, that make up new principles and a new biomechanical technology, one that is not just another quick fix or empty promise adaptation of the run-of-the-mill classical martial arts or the so-called latest defensive tactics system or any combination therein. As a direct result, it increased my performance after I thought it couldn't get any better; so significantly, that now martial arts masters that are my senior, with twice the time in experience in the martial arts, are turning to me for training advice. In one case, one well-known master's students, seeing the overwhelming change I was able to instill in my students using FASST, are now demanding changes in their training from him! Frank Dux's FASST program is what a martial art is supposed to be."

Sensei Sky Benson
Burien, Washington

FASST is the product of a lifetime of study and a unique insightful experience. Success or failure is solely based upon one's new ability to fully comprehend and utilize the Secrets of Warriorship as identified and codified by martial arts legend, Hanshi Dux.

While tactics and abilities will vary from individual to individual based on the above facts, it is because of the methodology, education materials, and technology being employed by FASST/Dux Ryu that the same empirical rules and principles apply, linking all trainees similarly. However, FAAST/Dux Ryu is not solely confined in its training methodology to only incorporate or primarily rely upon a set of theoretical or empirically defined movements in and of themselves as in alternative martial arts styles and defensive tactics programs.

As stated before, FAAST/Dux Ryu is not absent in addressing the mindset and/or academics involved, especially regarding threat level 4--lethal confrontations. Typically, the two subjects of a prepared spirit and academics are abandoned or are unincorporated by alternative training/defensive tactics systems, abandoning their students to their own devices.