A Science for the Individual
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A Personalized Approach

Using FASST/Dux Ryu when fighting, one can adapt and combine individually learned techniques--those which best serve one's individual strengths and weaknesses. In place of reacting, one is acting by controlling the rhythm and pace of every fighting action in one's favor which can be achieved by one's mastery over the angles of evasion and attack--the laws governing footwork and strikes.

Thusly, one is avoiding the pitfalls like that of the five foot tall, three hundred pound, obese man or woman who has enrolled in a rigid traditional martial arts class for self-defense where it is expected that one must conform, arguably to keep the style pure. This requirement ignores the apparent fact that one is physically incapable of utilizing the style to its fullest potential. For instance, being taught no alternative but to attempt to kick above the waist by which to defend oneself from an attacker--because the mastery of kicking is the central focus of the self-defense system--does not suit all practitioners. Unable to optimize one's full abilities, logic dictates that these practitioners are always going to be left more vulnerable and limited than is necessary.

In the case of FASST/Dux Ryu--while kicking is taught--the vast arsenal of techniques, topic range, and the flexibility of the system will enable the same obese man or woman to discover and optimize his or her weight and size in a manner by which to be exploited. For example, the obese weight becomes a tactical advantage when this practitioner is now concentrating on power punching, grappling and choke-out techniques where his size provides him an advantage over a less formidable or sizable aggressor.

As well, the opposite holds true as a smaller, frailer person would have little or a poor chance of trying to strong-arm and wrestle someone to the ground who is twice his size. However, the smaller size and wiry stature makes him exceptionally deadly in a lethal situation where he could attack the lower extremities, puncturing the femoral artery with ease, producing death in even a giant of a man within seconds.

The FASST/Dux Ryu trainee does not conform to the system nor must he abandon what he knows or the system of martial arts or defensive tactics system he follows. The FASST/Dux Ryu system is specifically designed to meet the trainee's individual needs and abilities as well as make him keenly aware of not only the inherent vulnerabilities he posseses but how to determine, in a split second, the strengths of his aggressors--which are to be avoided to prevail.

In short, FASST/Dux Ryu is a compilation of the Secrets of Warriorship. It is the amplifier, the natural steroid, the edge, the catalyst to ignite and fire up the spirit to compliment and accentuate and expand one's spirituality, physicality, and mental capabilities and skills. Thusly, it produces measurable results far exceeding personal expectations in the shortest time possible.