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An Introduction

"To possess the prepared spirit, mind, and body and to harmonize these three attributes in times of extreme stress to the point of being able to adapt and improvise to do whatever is necessary first requires one to focus--to achieve the offensive mindset--which allows one to act in place of reacting.

This calmness in a storm of adversity is attained only by first possessing a clear sense of self-worth and purpose--that which gives the warrior his vision and leaves all others blind except to their own personal demons and worst fears.

One secret as to how the warrior will not only attain but maintain a sense of self-worth and purpose--the warrior's unique vision--is that one must lead by example to free the mind. This is why the FASST/Dux Ryu trainee cannot be complacent only to do but must desire to share all the skills of warriorship."

Hanshi Frank W. Dux

One's attainment of the secrets of warriorship is never a matter of only accumulating technical knowledge and physical prowess.

This is my gift to all, given freely, as it is the pathway of attaining real warriorship, which is not to be guarded and solely benefited from.

Upon one's shedding of blood, as I have done in taking the path of a warrior, I have found there is no honor in being acclaimed with the title of a master warrior, if one does not come to feel bound to a sacred duty: the duty to teach and thereby ensure that the ways of the warrior are not lost by future generations, compromised, or denied to those who sincerely seek it, not to serve their egos or hidden agendas, but to give their lives meaning by enriching and touching the lives of others.

However, it is misstated as a matter of fact that all the different martial arts lead to the same view from the mountaintop called warriorship.

This I know is not true. Instead, it is a popular feel good myth as those who know only theory and possess no combat experience or have never been exposed to those willing to share their knowledge gained by such unforgiving experiences will find themselves unfamiliar with the basic tenets such as the ABC's of Warriorship.

As it stands to logic and reason, it is theory versus real life experience. It is as simple and ridiculous as learning how to drive in a simulator and then being as pretentious as one who would advise another how to drive an Indy formula race car, having neither picked up a book on racing (written by a champion racer) nor stepped inside an automobile.

The same applies to one teaching a martial art yet never stepping foot in the dojo or testing the information they have accumulated.

As to advise, theorize and represent one can prepare one's spirit, mind and body, to act in harmony under extreme adversity... like in racing, might one avoid such a disposition by now attaining the insights of battle by becoming acquainted with the ABC's of Warriorship, herein provided.

Lack of real life experience does not have to mean operating under a deception to oneself or others, considering all one needs to do is pursue the truth and that will lead and fortify one to conduct himself by the ABC's of Warriorship if he has not done so already.

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