On these pages you'll find documents attesting to Frank Dux's background.

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Dux Declaration - A court declaration from Frank Dux

Certifications - Various certificates and Hall of Fame awards.

Military - A copy of Dux's real military records which contradict some points in the Johnson LA Times article.

Martin - Declaration of Lt. Commander Alexander Martin about his knowledge of Dux's covert activities.

Russian - A letter from Major General A. Komienko attesting to Dux's involvement with USSR/US military operations.

Videographer - Declaration from the person accompanying Dux to the former USSR.

Krupinksy - Declaration of Detective John Krupinksy, Member of S.W.A.T. and a member of the Board of Directors of the Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association (NEOA).

MCTFT - A declaration from Gary Swanhart, Coordinator for the Multi-jurisdictional Counter Drug Force Training (MCTFT), about Dux's involvement with the MCTFT.

Trophy receipt - The controversial trophy receipt that was supposed to have proven that Dux bought his Kumite trophy at a southern California shop and a picture of Dux from Black Belt Magazine holding the trophy. It is obvious that the two are not the same.

Black Belt Magazine - Letter of verification from Black Belt Magazine.

SEALs Manual - A few pages from the "Naval Special Warfare Combat Fighting Course" that Dux contributed to.

Ludwig - A declaration from Shane Ludwig, SEALs instructor, about his knowledge of Dux participation with the SEALs.

Monte - A witness to the Frazier/Dux altercation, as well as other items.

Richardson - A former blackbelt in DRN that explains some of the controversy behind Dux.

Bailey - Reviewer of Burkett's "Stolen Valor" for Soldier of Fortune magazine. Bailey's review did not include any mention of Dux, yet the printed article did. Although this does not address the validity of Dux's claims, it does show that SOF magazine is willing to unilaterally change an author's work which shows the length the magazine will go to to forward its bias.